Patient Safety
in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond 

The Global Pandemic has changed just about everything in our lives. Some people are still concerned about leaving their homes and venturing out into the potentially dangerous world in which we find ourselves. As a result, many people with concerns about exposure have put off their dental health needs.

We are all facing difficult challenges and we have choices to make. Some of those choices involve general healthcare and dental care. Postponing health and dental care can have consequences. Certain dental conditions may cause deterioration in your body and can lead to undesirable results if not managed in a timely manner. 

With your concerns in mind, my staff and I have taken many proactive steps in our dental practice to lessen the potential for any type of exposure. We maintain strict protocols for screening and social distancing. We do not allow gathering in our reception room, instead, we ask our patients to wait in their car until we are ready to escort them to their personal treatment area. We greet our masked patients one at a time at the front door wearing our masks, review certain screening questions and obtain a no touch body temperature. For patient protection during any business transactions, our front desk counter openings are protected from cross contamination with plexiglass barriers. 

All of these protocols are designed to create and maintain a safe environment for patients and staff alike. We wanted to do more for patient safety. We installed a Positive Pressure Air System which injects fresh air into the treatment areas exchanging the air in the office 8 times per hour. 

However, I wanted even more patient protection and that is why I created the EVADE™ (Externally Vented Aerosol and Droplet Evacuation) System. 

I designed and patented my EVADE™ System to help protect you from the spread of COVID or other infectious airborne pathogens. The system collects aerosols during treatment procedures and treats them with ultraviolet (UVC), exposure to Ozone gas and HEPA filtration. The treated aerosols are then ejected from the building through an externally vented central vacuum system effectively eliminating the collected pathogens from the office and treatment areas. 

We are committed to your health and safety!


Dr. Rich Masek and Staff


You can read more about the EVADE™ System in this article and watch the YouTube video. 

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EVADE™ Testimonial

EVADE™ Video 


Why Dental Expressions? A beautiful smile can make all the difference in your life. The Dental Expressions team brings skill and experience to enhance your quality of life, health, and self-image. We provide the most current, high quality, esthetic dentistry possible, tailored to your needs and values. For over 25 years, we have delivered care to our clients with the use of the CEREC system. At Dental Expression, we offer an extensive range of services and products to partner with you in optimizing your overall dental health.


Dental Expressions is honored to welcome you to our mercury-free practice. Since 1986, we have provided alternate porcelain and resin restorations, replacing the use of amalgam. We feel these types of procedures are much more aesthetically pleasing and bio-compatible. For your convenience, we create most of our porcelain restorations on the premises using the CEREC system. CEREC has revolutionized the way we provide treatment for our clients, offering same day permanent porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. 

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This high-tech equipment allows us to offer beautiful, strong, naturally colored restorations in about an hour.
Invisalign is a groundbreaking alternative way to straighten your teeth without braces. Invisalign uses a series of removable aligners that are virtually invisible.
Designing a new smile is truly a work of art and it is known as Smile Design. Many factors are considered in the process of Smile Design, including your facial structure, complexion, lip line, gum tissue and even your eyes.
Full mouth restoration involves restoring the teeth and bite back to a natural looking and youthful feeling condition, giving back your self-esteem and comfort.
We offer Nitrous Oxide, which is commonly known as "Laughing Gas." While you are not likely to be laughing through your treatment, Nitrous Oxide can help you relax and enjoy your visit.



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