Preventive Care

Dr. Masek is able to provide comprehensive examinations using the latest advances in technology, such as digital x-rays, computerized bite analysis, intra-oral cameras that produce detailed images of the teeth, and details of the condition of your oral health. Written treatment plans are provided at the completion of the examination describing the dental procedures recommended and their associated costs, so you may discuss it with your family and friends.

We take x-rays only when necessary to evaluate teeth and supporting boney tissue, to screen for oral boney lesions and to detect decay between teeth and areas not visible to the naked eye. Since gum and bone problems happen slowly over time, they are often not felt or detected from the surface. X-rays are important for detecting bone loss and infections at root surfaces. Many people are understandably concerned about excessive radiation. Utilizing the recent advances in modern technology, we are proud to offer a healthier approach to prevention. We take digital radiographs, which use up to 80% less x-radiation than conventional techniques. These are safer for the environment as no chemicals are used, easily stored on a computer to be reproduced, and the images are available to be viewed immediately with exceptional detail.