"Because of the pandemic I was extremely fearful of going to the dentist. The thought of being physically close to the dental hygienist and the dentist really frightened me.

My fears quickly subsided when I called Dr. Masek’s office and learned about the safety protocols that they had adopted. In addition to implementing the legally required Pandemic safety measures, Dr. Masek developed and patented a unique device (EVADE) to help protect his patients and staff from airborne pathogens and viruses providing a significant extra layer of safety. He also installed a positive pressure air system which turns over the air in the treatment rooms 8 times per hour with fresh, outside air.

The in advance prescreening and on-site screening processes are very impressive. I was able to wait in my car until it was safe for me to enter the office. Only one person is permitted in the waiting room at a time and a hand cleaning station is at the inside entrance where my temperature was taken and a list of questions were asked.

The restroom is immediately cleaned after each use. My dental hygienist was dressed in full Personal Protective Equipment and I was given a protective eye shield.

My Pandemic dental appointment turned out to be an amazing experience. I felt super safe, the staff was compassionate and professional, the office was immaculate and the attention to making the environment as COVID safe as possible was truly incredible. Everyone went the extra mile for safety and my comfort. I have now had three Pandemic dental appointments with Dr. Masek and staff!"

Cynthia Tercha