4-15-2021 The EVADE™ System

The EVADE™ Aerosol Capture System

In our last newsletter, I discussed safety in today’s dentistry and how we, at Dental Expressions, follow CDC Guidelines to help keep you and my staff more healthy. Now, I want to go a step further and explain how I created the EVADE™ System. The following is a story of how it began and what EVADE™ means for your safety.

At the onset of COVID-19, it became clear that Dental Expressions would be closed for at least three months. I found myself diving into online dental education courses and developing a plan to reopen our office in as safe a manner as possible.

Realizing that most of my patients would have concerns about returning to the dentist during COVID, it became clear that extra measures for aerosol management would be required. My goal was to find a way to collect, disinfect, filter and remove potentially contaminated aerosols from our office and especially the treatment areas. Various portable solutions already existed, but they recirculated the collected air, exhausting it back into the treatment room after filtering it. These devices directed their exhaust downward, potentially churning up anything which may have settled on the floor. These devices did not meet my criteria for providing our Dental Expressions patients with a high level of protection from potential exposure.

In order to solve this problem, I worked 12 hours a day during my 3 month "COVID vacation, "until the EVADE™ System was born.

EVADE is an acronym for what the system does, 



     Aerosol and 



Now, my criteria were met, and Dental Expressions had a “clean air” solution that could be implemented to increase safety for our patients.

Using a 3D design program and a 3D printer, I developed, designed, sourced and filed a patent application for the novel EVADE™ system. I installed 5 prototypes in my office and was pleased to see that the system worked as expected. In addition to a fresh air ventilation system that changes all of the existing air in the office with fresh air from the outside, the EVADE™ System quietly vacuums aerosols generated during treatment. It disinfects the aerosols with UVC and Ozone, traps them in HEPA filters which are also exposed to the UVC and Ozone and then removes them from the building. As a result, the EVADE™ system helps maintain a much safer environment for patients and staff alike.

The EVADE™ Aerosol Capture Cone

Although it was a big undertaking, it was well worth it and very gratifying that the patent was granted so quickly. It was officially issued on March 23, 2021.

Patient response to the EVADE™ System has been awesome. We regularly get comments from patients like this:

"I have had to visit various places and businesses over the last months since COVID began. Your office is the cleanest and safest place that I have visited. I have told everyone I know about what you have done to make your office a safe place for your patients. I feel very secure that you are doing everything you can to keep me protected. "Alan Laatsch.

We also received some professional recognition. In response to requests from the American Dental Association many dental professionals submitted manuscripts on how they managed to deal with, cope with and, ultimately, get through this COVID-19 event. We were pleased to learn that the manuscript from this office, describing the evolution of the EVADE™ System, was accepted for publication. The article will be featured in late April 2021 on the ADA website, https://www.ada.org/en/covidmonograph.

Here is what a colleague, Bob, wrote to me about the EVADE™ System:

"It’s amazing how you could solve such a serious problem in three short months. I know each day couldn’t have felt so short. But what you achieved has lasting benefits for years to come. I think the EVADE™ System should become the dental practice standard going forward. Sterilization will have new meaning in the medical field and the timing of this system could offset a lingering fear that some patients still hold onto. Your patient testimonials say it all. Congratulations."

Here is a video that demonstrates in more detail how the EVADE™ System works.

While our mission is to help you preserve and protect our dental health, our primary concern is to deliver our care for you in as safe a manner as possible. My staff and I hope you will feel comfortable with our new protocols, improvements and our ongoing efforts to create a safer dental experience for you. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Dr. Rich Masek and Staff