What Is EVADE™?

What is EVADE™?

EVADE is an acronym that stands for:

      Aerosol  and

Why Use EVADE™? 

Dr. Masek invented and patented the EVADE™ System to help to protect his patients and staff from potentially infectious aerosols that are generated during treatment procedures.

Aerosols can spread throughout treatment areas and settle upon counters and other surfaces. Most routine infection control procedures which are employed can eliminate the potential for cross contamination. Using EVADE™ allows us to collect them before they can spread - right at the source, the point were they are generated.

How does EVADE™ Work?

The EVADE™ collection cone and pre-filter are positioned at the source, near the your mouth during treatment. A gentle vacuum flows through the cone which is connected to a flexible tube attached to a filtration box. The box is connected to a vacuum system.

The collected aerosols are exposed to UVC ultraviolet light and Ozone within a mirrored chamber to deactivate pathogens. The air then passes through HEPA filters which capture particles as small as 0.3 microns (µm). The filtered air is eliminated from the treatment area through the exhaust of the central vacuum system. Because the air is not recirculated, this effectively prevents re-exposure to the potential infectious aerosols.


EVADE™ In Action

This video demonstrates the ability of the EVADE™ System to capture aerosols. The smoke mimics the action of the vacuum which draws aerosols into the pre-filter, through the UVC, Ozone and HEPA filtration and then out of the environment.