Press Release

 Press Release

March 12, 2021  San Diego, CA 

EVADE™ Aerosol Collection System Enhances Patient Protection From COVID-19







Dr. Rich Masek

The key factor is patient safety.

COVID-19 hit the world and it has affected virtually every aspect of our lives.  Many people are still fearful about leaving their homes and have chosen to avoid dental visits for fear of exposure to COVID-19. The unique EVADE™ (Externally Vented Aerosol and Droplet Evacuation) System helps to diminish those fears because it treats aerosols generated during dental procedures with Ultraviolet (UVC) Radiation and exposure to Ozone gas to deactivate and prevent the spread of COVID or other infectious pathogens.  EVADE™ sends the aerosols away from the treatment area and out of the building to help prevent inhalation or other contamination.

 Dental procedures involving a dental handpiece, ultrasonic scaler or a 3 way air/water spray syringe generate aerosols and droplets which may contain saliva and other fluids. If dispersed into the treatment room, these potentially infectious COVID-19 or other aerosols and droplets create a hazard to dental professionals and patients within the office environment. They can be inhaled or transferred through surface contact within the treatment area.

 EVADE™ uses an externally vented central vacuum system which produces up to 280 CFM of vacuum flow to facilitate collection of potentially contaminated aerosols and droplets generated by instrumentation of any type within the medical, dental or any other field. EVADE™ collects the aerosols within a mirrored chamber, reflecting UVC light in all directions and exposing the aerosols to Ozone gas before moving through HEPA particle filtration. While other systems simply recirculate the collected air, EVADE™ removes them from the environment by venting them outdoors through the exhaust of the central vacuum system.

 Ultraviolet radiation is effective in the destruction of molecules of DNA and proteins of pathogens. However, using Ozone (O3) for air purification and sterilization is even more effective because Ozone is bio destructive, causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens to undergo cellular degradation and destruction. However, Ozone cannot be introduced into occupied treatment areas. Without Ozone, the effectiveness of UVC with HEPA filtration is more limited and re-introducing aerosols treated only in this fashion into the occupied environment carries risk if filtration fails or the UVC bulb loses effectiveness.

EVADE™ is important to incorporate Ozone to provide a higher rate of destruction of pathogens. However, the toxic effects of Ozone upon the respiratory system of humans in an occupied environment must be avoided. EVADE™ does not contaminate the air of the treatment area with Ozone or pathogens due to external venting of Ozone treated aerosols.

EVADE™ is positioned near the source to collect, disinfect, filter and remove potentially contaminated oral aerosols from dental/medical treatment areas. It is a comprehensive solution to address requirements for patient safety and prevent any recirculation into the treatment environment. As an added benefit, the EVADE™ System also collects mercury vapors which can be released during the removal of mercury amalgam (silver fillings) during treatment.

 At the onset of COVID-19, Dr. Masek was forced to close his San Diego, CA dental office for 3 months. He sought ways to protect his patients and prevent spread of aerosols to other patients and staff to ensure their safety when he reopened. That quest of increasing patient safety during dental treatment is what gave rise to his invention of the EVADE™ System.

Response to the EVADE™ System:     

"I have had to visit various places and businesses over the last months since COVID began. Your office is the cleanest and safest place that I have visited. I have told everyone I know about what you have done to make your office a safe place for your patients. I feel very secure that you are doing everything you can to keep me protected."     Alan  Laatsch  

It’s amazing how you could solve such a serious problem in three short months. I know each day couldn’t have felt so short. But what you achieved has lasting benefits for years to come. I think the EVADE™ System should become the dental practice standard going forward. Sterilization will have new meaning in the medical field and the timing of this system could offset a lingering fear that some patients still hold on to. Your patient testimonials say it all. Congratulations."    Bob Hoffman 

Dr. Rich Masek is an inventor, author and practicing dentist in San Diego, CA.  He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry and an Accredited Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.