Patient Comments

It’s amazing how you could solve such a serious problem in three short months. I know each day couldn’t have felt so short. But what you achieved has lasting benefits for years to come. I think the EVADE System should become the dental practice standard going forward. Sterilization will have new meaning in the medical field and the timing of this system could offset a lingering fear that some patients still hold on too. Your patient testimonials say it all. Congratulations.

Bob Hoffman

I have had to visit various places and businesses over the last months since COVID began. Your office is the cleanest and safest place that I have visited. I have told everyone I know about what you have done to make your office a safe place for your patients. I feel very secure that you are doing everything you can to keep me protected.

Alan Laatsch

We at ProSites appreciate the opportunity to design your practice’s new website. In working with you, we have seen your genuine dedication to educating and serving patients while providing high-quality care. We salute your efforts in providing an extra level of communication, education and service that is so important to patients.

Dave Rutan