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Dentistry By Design Course Offerings:

Regional Courses:

"Bread & Butter CEREC" Posterior Essentials Course

"Bread & Butter CEREC" Anterior Essentials Course

San Diego Courses:

"Beyond the Basics" © Posterior Essentials (2 Days)

"Beyond the Basics" © Anterior Essentials (2 Days)

"Aesthetics & Efficiency" © Posterior Quadrants (2 Days)

"Aesthetics and Efficiency" © Anterior Multiple (3 Days)

"Art and Passion I" © Anterior & Posterior Essentials (5 Days)

"Art and Passion II © Anterior & Posterior Multiples, Aesthetics and Efficiency

All Dentistry By Design courses are designed to enhance skills and efficiency without Aesthetic compromise.  Dr. Rich Masek’s FAST System© is incorporated into each course through a series of lectures, demonstrations and hands on exercises to provide the student with the tools and understanding for highly successful CAD/CAM restorations.  Each course also provides focus toward achieving the different Levels of the Academy of CAD/CAM Dentistry Credentials.