he Dental Expressions team provides the most current, high quality, esthetic dentistry possible, tailored to your needs and values.

For over 20 years, our use of the CEREC system has revolutionized the way we deliver care to our clients. This high-tech equipment allows us to offer beautiful, strong, naturally colored restorations in about an hour. These same-day, permanent porcelain inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers can transform your smile. Most often there are no impressions to go to an outside lab, no temporaries and no repeat visits. Best of all, the procedures may be much more conservative, preserving more of your natural tooth structure.

Tammy: Veneers

Tammy had composite bonding done for her front teeth several years before seeing Dr. Masek. After completing 8 CEREC Inlays and Onlays on her back teeth, Tammy decided that she was ready to replace her stained and deteriorating bonding. Dr. Masek did a Mock-Up, temporarily bonding composite on her teeth to create a template for her new smile. Tammy wore the Mock-Up for a few days so that family and friends could help her evaluate her new look. Pleased with the results of the Mock-Up, Tammy returned to have 12 CEREC Veneers placed in a single visit to give her a gorgeous smile which she beams to everyone she sees!

William: Veneers

William is a dentist from Kentucky who sought out Dr. Masek to improve his smile. William had unsightly gaps between his front teeth and an edge to edge bite. His desire was to create a pleasing smile without gaps and correct his front bite. Dr. Masek did a Mock-Up to be certain that he had captured the vision that William had for his new smile. Using CEREC, Dr. Masek accomplished his smile with 14 CEREC Veneers created and inserted in the same one day visit. William returned a few years later to have his mercury amalgam restorations replaced with CEREC Inlays. He is very pleased with his results and later he even decided to shave his moustache!

Kristin: Veneers

Kristin wanted to whiten and lengthen her teeth. A worn and uneven smile resulted from grinding before her orthodontic care. Eight CEREC porcelain veneers were custom detailed with characterization to brighten and enhance the natural look of her smile. All in just one visit!

Greg: Front Crown

Greg sustained an injury to his mouth in early adolescence causing the nerve inside the tooth to die. Although a root canal was performed to save the tooth, the tooth continued to get darker and darker over the years. After analyzing the tooth, Dr. Masek also noted that his right center tooth was leaning to the left and the edge was tilted. The darkened tooth was shorter and needed to be lengthened to achieve the best possible appearance. These esthetic enhancements were incorporated into the new crown to create a much more pleasing, harmonious smile.

Norman: Inlay/Onlay

Norman was having sensitivity in moderate sized mercury amalgam filling. There was also significant darkening around the borders of the filling. A deep crack had developed on the side of the tooth and decay was present in between the teeth. A porcelain Inlay/Onlay was created with CEREC to repair the extensive damage in Norman's Tooth. Colored porcelain glaze was applied to provide a natural appearance in just one visit!

Nicole: Inlay/Onlay

Nicole wanted a second opinion after being diagnosed for several traditional crowns. Defective mercury amalgam fillings were present and she did not want to lose more of her tooth to make crowns. Using CEREC Inlay and Onlay restorations, more tooth was saved and the teeth were restored with porcelain to "like new" condition. She achieved her result in just one visit!

Kathleen: Inlay

Kathleen had been diagnosed with a defective Mercury-silver amalgam filling. The filling was cracked on the chewing surface and created occasional discomfort to hot and cold as well as sweet sensitivity. After removal of the amalgam filling, a CEREC inlay was placed by Dr. Masek providing strength to the remaining tooth structure, saving more of her natural tooth. She found it also provided a beautiful, esthetic result that blended into her existing tooth, and all in just one visit!

Nancy: Invisalign™

Nancy had been tolerating her extremely misaligned teeth for many years but did not want to be treated with unsightly traditional braces. Invisalign care, followed by 2 single visit CEREC veneers, created her beautiful new smile. Thrilled with her new look, she is no longer reluctant to show her smile!